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Born and bred in Yorkshire Andrea is passionate about expanding the knowledge of the benefits of craniosacral therapy to local people.  Having graduated at the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London, Andrea now brings her experience to the West Yorkshire area.  Being a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association you can be assured that professional standards will be met at all times and the Code of Ethics will be followed.  Below gives an overview of how craniosacral therapy may be able to help you.


Bringing new life into the world can be both magical and challenging for all involved. The baby goes through a great deal to arrive and this can unsettle them which can have a knock on effect with sleeping, feeding and digestion. Babies can be very responsive to the light touch of craniosacral therapy which can address any birth trauma held in their system. Parents can also benefit from this very relaxing form of treatment.

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Birth Trauma

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Colic

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Feeding Issues

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Hyperactivity

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Pregnancy Related Problems

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Pyloric Stenosis

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Sleeping Issues



General Health

General health issues can range from slight to highly debilitating and in many cases we just carry on and accept that they are a part of our life. There are many cases where craniosacral therapy has helped alleviate symptoms in various issues, leading to a better quality of life.

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Allergies

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Digestive Problems

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Ear/Nose/Throat Problems

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Headaches and Migraines

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Immune System Disorders

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Menstrual Disorders

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Sinusitis

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Tinnitus

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Tiredness and Exhaustion

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems TMJ/Jaw Disorders


Physical Pain

Physical pain and restrictions can cause problems throughout the whole body via tissues and nerves. An imbalance in the jaw for example could be causing pain in the pelvis. Working with a person’s whole system, the therapist can identify and release restrictions, helping realign the body.

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Arthritis

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Back Pain

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Frozen Shoulder

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Joint Problems

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Neck Pain

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Sports Injuries

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Sciatica

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Whiplash

Respiratory Health

Working with the respiratory system can help relieve congestion and improve symptoms in many cases from a simple cold to more serious conditions.

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Asthma

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Bronchitis

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Common Cold

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Cystic Fibrosis

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Flu

Nervous System

The modern environment we live in heightens our senses and this can often lead to stress, insomnia and other such issues. Working with the nervous system can relax the body and mind. Complete relaxation can help with many issues.

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Anxiety

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Autism

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Depression

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Dyslexia

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Insomnia

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Nervous Disorders

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Stress

Shock and Trauma

Trauma can be held in our system for many years if not addressed. Craniosacral therapy can help access the trauma at its source, which may then alleviate the symptoms.

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Accident Trauma

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Post Dental Trauma

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems Post-Operative

craniosacral-therapy-to-help-nervous-systems PTSD

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